Recommendation System for your shopify store

Recomatic is a powerful recommendation system, designed specifically for shopify stores. It boosts your sales and profits in only a few days, at an affordable price. You want to give it a try? Sign up now for a free 14 day trial.

Top-notch Algorithms from our Engineering Team

You want to know where all the magic happens? The Recomatic widgets are based on a hybrid recommender system combining the best recommendation algorithms in a unique way: K-Nearest Neighbor, Pearson Correlation and Rocchio Relevance Filtering are blended together so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s specially designed to give its best on the niche market of shopify stores.

Measure your performance
with Smart Reporting

Without a way to measure its performance, a recommendation system would be incomplete. Recomatic includes a smart reporting module that allows you to follow the performance of your widgets, giving you valuable insights into your business. You can look at your data through a very user-friendly interface.

A very competitive price

Sign up now for your 14 days free trial, to see how Recomatic can dramatically boost your sales! After this period, you can keep using it for a very competitive price: $69 per month!

Why install Recomatic on your shopify store?

Elegant, easy to install and
totally integrated into your theme

Recommendation widgets don’t have to be ugly: Recomatic is designed for a perfect integration with the theme of your shopify store. It only takes a few minutes to install, so your customers can benefit from the recommendations right away. And if you’re not happy with how it looks out of the box, a user-friendly setting panel allows you to suit it to your personal needs!

Want to learn more?

Recomatic boosts your profits

The virtual shelves of your online store are filled with an broad variety of products, making it hard for a customer to find exactly what he is looking for.

A recommendation system suggests to your customers the items they may be interested in, based on what they have already bought or viewed in the past.

Popular online stores such as Amazon use it for a reason. Continually improving and learning from each new visitor, the Recomatic recommendation system will boost your sales in no time!

Latest news and info

Technical Support at its best!

It is important for us to satisfy all of our customers. For this reason, the Recomatic technical support team is available 24/7 to answers your questions and help you setup the Recomatic widgets.

Recomatic is continuously updated with new features, thanks to your feedback, so if you’d like a feature that is not yet available, simply drop us a line!